Thursday 28th May

Hi Lions,


Some more ideas for activities.

  • Build something. Use building blocks, recycled materials, chairs, a deck of cards or anything else you can find to build a den, a tower, a vehicle or a robot.
  • Play a board game. Dig out your board games and have fun playing with the family. You could even design and make your own game.
  • Keep a diary. Write a paragraph every day about something you have done. Try to make it as interesting as possible.
  • Read, Read, Read! Try to read a little every day. Reread old favourites or pick up that book you’ve never opened. Read to yourself, an adult or a sibling. Perhaps, you could write a book reviewto recommend it to someone else.
  • Puppet show. Make stick puppets or sock puppets of characters in your favourite show. Use them to put on a puppet show for someone you live with.


You can listen to stories here:


Keep safe and follow the rules.


Miss P x