Thursday 7th May

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Read chapter 4 of ‘Here Comes Trouble’ and answer the questions.

  1. Why was Trudy confident in the swan cure?
  2. Which verbs tell us how Trudy went to school?
  3. Why was Lisa upset?
  4. Which words did Trudy say to make herself feel confident?
  5. Why was Trudy proud of herself?
  6. What did Mrs Weston say and how did that affect Trudy?

Answers from yesterday.

  1. Find a simile in the chapter. stiff as a statue, 
  2. Why was Trudy quiet when Mrs Willow gave her the bottle? She was holding her breath so she didn’t cause any damage.
  3. Why did Trudy jump backwards? Something furry brushed against her leg and made her jump.
  4. Why was Mrs Willow sympathetic towards Trudy? Mrs Willow was clumsy when she was a girl.
  5. How did Trudy feel at the end of the chapter? Why? She felt happier and more confident because Mrs Willow wasn’t clumsy now, so maybe she wouldn’t always be clumsy.



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Follow the lesson – subtracting money 6th May


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Follow the lesson – dividing 6th May


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Follow the bbc lesson to find out about time zones.

It is in the BBC Year 4 section of Bitesize, and dated 5th May.



You can find out more about the Romans here. There is a video clip and a work pack.

Roman Rule

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