Hello everybody and welcome to another day of virtual learning.

Firstly, we would like you to sing our ‘Day’s of the week song’ with your families and find out what day and date it is. Isn’t the lovely weather lovely this week, it won’t be long before we start to see the Spring flowers beginning to grow!


There are lots of lovely animals in the story – Handa’s Surprise. Which animal animal would you be? Miss Thrower would be a Giraffe because I like their patterns, I’m tall like them and I am intrigued to see what it is like having a long neck and being able to see for miles and to reach high up in the trees and other places. Share with your families and describe to them the animal you would be from the from and why. We would like like you to create your own face mask so you can role-play being this character form the story. You can use; paper plates, cereal boxes, card, paper, the list is endless. Use you instantiations and have a look on Google for some inspiration – (Handa’s Surprise face mask activities) Hopefully your siblings and grown-ups will join in too and you can all role-play Handa’s Surprise!


In your red text books, we would like you to practice forming our new sound ‘d’. Remember to try and keep you sound on the line when forming it, but not to worry if it does start to float around a little. Follow on the quote on the sound card below as to how to form your new sound – good luck everyone, we know you’ll do really well as you’ve been trying your hardest with all our previous sounds. Not to worry if you make a mistake, as we learn from our mistakes and become better achievers. 🙂

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In your red text books, we would like have a go at practicing forming the numeral 4 – ‘Down, across and slice in half to make the number four’. If you need your grown-ups to write the number 4 in yellow pen for you to trace over first, that’s fine. But we would like you to have at least one attempt at trying to to form the number 4 independently.

Good luck to our little super star learners!


Make you own bubble mix using washing liquid and water and use a straw to create the bubbles with or if you have some bubbles you’ve saved yourselves some time! We would like you to see how many bubbles you can catch, burst, blow. Can you run faster than the bubbles? What size are the bubbles? How many bubbles have you blown? How many bubbles have you popped?

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Have a lovely day everyone.

Miss Thrower & Mrs Pollard