Thursday’s Message from Mrs Fearns

Today’s top tip for behaviour management:

Consistency is the absolute key………

You need to be consistent in your approach – in other words in every situation you do the same so there is no difference. No must mean NO! It is very tempting when the kids are driving you up the wall that you say NO and then for a quiet life you give in and a no becomes a yes or worse you bribe them. Then they have you! Because they have now learnt if they persist with the behaviour e.g. screaming, tantrums or whining etc. then eventually they know they can wear you down and get what they want or even a treat for their bad behaviour.

So, have routines and stick to them, even routines for daily everyday life not just home schooling.

Approach every situation in the same way – and when you say no stick to it, however hard and draining it is. Never give in and NEVER BRIBE the children with “if you’re good I’ll give you……/or you can do……… etc”. Eventually by sticking to your message the children will learn that when you say no or stop you mean it.

BE CONSISTENT – REACT THE SAME EVERY DAY to the situation, it will take time maybe even a couple of weeks but believe me it works but it can feel hard going in the first instance!



Although the school remains open for critical workers we are following the Term Time Dates for staff so that they get a break from continually thinking about school. So teachers will not be posting work from today until Monday 20th April when they will begin again. I also will not post a message again until April 20th as I also need a rest – it has been a very stressful time for all of us!!

This means the children are also on holiday from today and so you do not need to continue struggling with school work until we start again on Monday 20th – so we can all have a rest and recharge our batteries.


You have all been sent my phone number and that of Mrs Floate and Miss McGrath so you can continue to contact us over the Easter period between 9 and 3pm. I will text you all the numbers again tonight – please keep them safe if you need them.