Tuesday 19th May

Hi Lions,

I hope you are attempting your home learning every day.

Remember to keep reading and practising your times tables.



Can you carry out an act of kindness today? Here are some ideas.

  • Send someone you know a picture of a cute animal
  • Send an inspirational quote to a friend
  • Contact someone you haven’t seen in a while and arrange a phone catch up
  • Help to clear up at home


Read, Write Inc

Continue to follow the online lessons. Click on the youtube lessons.


You can find the books here




Your spellings for this week are still taken from the Year 3 and 4 list.

material   medicine    mention   minute    natural

naughty    notice    occasion    occasionally    often

Make sure you have been tested on last week’s spellings.



We are starting a new book.

What can you see on the front cover?

What type of book do you think it is?

Write down what you know about plastic.

Write five facts about the author. Which fact do you think is the most interesting?


Look at the contents page in the extract below.


On which pages will I find out about the following?

The negative effects of plastic

Plastic-free parties

Beach clean up tips

Why honey bees are awesome creatures


Read to the end of page 5.


You can find more information here.


Plastic Sucks! with Dougie Poynter



resource image

Story starter!

“You can’t leave without me! Where are you going?” The words came out like a squeak; her throat felt tight as she struggled to fight back the tears that had begun to stain her pale cheeks.

Mud was now splattered up the front of her dress as she stumbled over the sodden ground. A feeling of overwhelming panic and despair filled her trembling body. How could it all end this way? How could things have gone so wrong?

Continue the story using this success criteria.
  • Full sentences with correct punctuation
  • Indent paragraphs
  • Include expanded noun phrases
  • Use synonyms for ‘said’
  • Write a new speaker on a new line and use correct punctuation with inverted commas.



Orange group

Today you will continue to identify angles. There are two lessons.




Green, blue and purple groups

Today you will continue to solve money problems




Today, we are going to start a unit of work about living things.

Read through the powerpoint.

Lesson Presentation Grouping Living Things

Draw a venn diagram in your book, like the one below.

Organise the animals listed below, in to the correct section.


Check your answers.

Now try the carroll diagram.

Then check your answers.

If you sorted some animals into the wrong sections, look carefully to make sure you understand why they should be in the section.


More work tomorrow,


Miss P x