t,t,t,t,t – Tuesday!

Good morning everyone,


Do any of you recognise this bear?…..

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New style Winnie The Pooh               Old Style Winnie The Pooh

He likes to eat Honey……

We thought it would be nice if you could try honey with your family. You could try it on it’s own, on toast, in a sandwich, on porridge, Wheetabix or yoghurt. Describe to your family how the honey tastes, whether it’s tastes similar to something else you’ve had before – if so what? What does it smell like? What does it feel like?  What does it look like? Where does honey come from?


Today for the AM zoom lesson,  I would like you to go on a shape hunt around your home to see which of these shapes below you can find. Shapes are everywhere within our homes and outside our home so be sure to keep a look out when you go for your daily walk too! Once you’ve been on a shape hunt see if you can find any recycling in your home and build a ‘Junk Model Bear’ out of different shape and sized boxes, containers, tubes, the list is endless. We look forward to seeing some of your creations!



R.W.I today for the AM zoom lesson, would have been carrying on introducing the ‘m’ sound. Today we would have been looking at words which start with the m sound. I have added a picture below of the objects which all start with the ‘m’ sound; man, mug, moon & mouse. I would like you to ‘fred talk’ the each word, remember to use your ‘fred fingers’ for this; m.a.n – man, m.u.g,  m.oo.n – moon, m.ou.se – mouse. What other cvc words can you think of starting with our ‘m’ sound?

Communication and Language

Today we would like you to discuss with your grown-ups the differences between your teddy bear and the teddy bear they had when they were little. Does your grown-up still have their teddy bear to show you? What similarities can you notice between the two bears? Do the bears feel different? Do they look the same at all?

Fine Motor Skills

Can you draw a bear and then use a pencil to push through your paper to make holes which can then be used to thread string through such as; a shoe laces, cotton or wool through. This will help develop your hand eye co-ordination as well as your fine motor skills. Here is an example to show you what I mean, we use them in class for of our fine motor skills activities.

Lacing Cards For Preschool Crafts



Can you play a game of ‘Tag’ with your family. This will help to build upon your skills for negotiating space, adjusting your speed for stopping and starting, changing directions and avoiding obstacles.

Have fun!

Just a reminder, AM zoom school is cancelled this morning and so is story and singing time. PE and PM zoom school is still going ahead.

Many thanks,

Miss Thrower & Mrs Pollard