Tuesday 21st April

Hi Lions,

I hope you are all staying safe. I know it’s not always easy to stay in, especially when you want to see your friends, but we all have to follow the rules.



Today I am sharing another place where you can find free books online. Please let your adult know, as they will need to register.


If you search the age 7 – 9 section you will find lots of books you can listen to. Over the next few days, listen to the story of Black Beauty. It is the book we would have read at the end of last term, to celebrate Anna Sewell’s birth, in Great Yarmouth, 200 years ago. As you listen to the story, you can click on the glossary to help you understand some of the words. At the end of each chapter write a summary, some notes or some new vocabulary you have learnt. To listen to the whole book will take less than 1 and a half hours.



Today is the Queen’s birthday. Read more here and complete the written task at the end.

The Queen’s birthday


Sort the fronted adverbials into the correct column, by deciding if it describes the time, place or manner (how it was done).




Use the information from yesterday to complete the following:



Look at the map lesson on BBC bitesize





Today we are recapping fractions of amounts.

PowerPoint – Calculate Fractions of a Quantity





Keep safe, Lions

Miss Px