t-ue-s-d-ay – Tuesday!

Good morning Bear Class!

We would like you to start off by singing the days of the week song to find out what day it is and to look either on a calendar or phone to see what the date is too. Can any of you remember what the month is called that we are now in? We would also like you to discuss what the weather is doing outside and decide which items of clothing you would need to wear on your daily walk.


Yesterday we added a link of an old version of ‘Paddington Bear’ for you to watch, today we have added a link with a new version. We would like you to compare the differences between the two episodes and share with your families which one is your favourite. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bmctNziGTY&list=PLuOkpnm3CWZPOs0xdNW98wbbhjftuenuO

As you probably noticed during the programme, Paddington Bear was at times carrying a suitcase. We would like you to have a go at making your own suitcase. You can use a cereal box and turn it inside out and use colouring pencils to design your suitcase. Here’s a picture for you to get an idea of would a suitcase look like. What else does Paddington Bear have displayed on the front of his suitcase?

DIY Mini Paddington Bear Suitcase Craft - Detroit and Ann Arbor Metro Parent

Fine Motor Skills

Egg and Bear relay! As we are in school this week Mrs Pollard and I are able to use the equipment onsite to reenact this activity – pictures below! You can use small lego, pasta, cotton wool balls, anything small enough to balance on a spoon. The challenge is to see if you are able to get from on side of your living room to the other without dropping the object off the spoon! It’s a great game for all your family to get involved in too – have fun!


As you can see Mrs Pollard and I had a go at balancing lego bricks on a spoon and we both did really well. We both dropped our lego off the spoon, but that didn’t stop us from trying again!


Keep reading your favourite stories with your families and listen out for those initial sounds and see if you can spot any starting with our RWI sounds we’ve been learning – ‘m’ & ‘a’.


Long jump challenge – Paddington Bear has little legs so he wouldn’t be able to jump very far, see how far you can jump. Ask your grown-ups to make you a starting point and then measure where you land.  Be sure to involve your family in this activity too and compare who has jumped the furthest or the shortest distance. Think ‘Is it because someone with little legs jumps the shortest distance and the person with the longest jumps the furthest or could it be the other way around?’ You make want to measure the distance you’ve all landed using a tape measure or count the distance in foot steps or hand prints.

Enjoy your day and we’ll see you all shortly,

Miss Thrower & Mrs Pollard