Good morning Bear Class,

We hope you had a good first day back of home learning yesterday.

For now, we would like you to work from the website until further notice –  Thank you! 🙂


Yesterday we asked you to listen to Handa’s Surprise story on YouTube, we hope you enjoyed listening to it. You would have seen there were different animals throughout the story. Today and tomorrow we would like you to draw the animals Handa saw whilst out on her walk. We would like you to then use the animals and Handa to help you sequence the story. Remember you can listen to the story again to help you remember the order Handa saw the animals if you can’t quite remember.

Making Story Maps


This week we are learning our new sound ‘d’. Use your red text books to practise forming the sound in. Remember to start at the dinosaurs bottom when you begin to form the sound 🙂

Product Display

Can you remember the other sounds we had been learning before we half term? Tell your families the sounds we had been learning ‘m’, ‘a’, ‘s’.


Handa carries fruit in her basket on her head. Do you have a fruit bowl? If so, can you count have many pieces of fruit you have in you fruit bowl. Which fruit is there more of? Miss Thrower has 6 apples, 7 oranges, 2 bananas, 1 mango and 1 pineapple. Which fruit do I have the most of?


As the weather is turning warmer we’re encouraging you all to go for a nice walk with your families. Have a look to see what animals we see whilst out on your daily walk. Yesterday I saw 6 dogs, 2 cats, 4 birds, a squirrel and a horse!

Thank you to you and your families for continuing to complete the website work.

Miss Thrower & Mrs Pollard