Wednesday 17th June

Good Morning, Lions.


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Answers from yesterday

  1. What was Numitor’s brother called?  Amulius was Numitor’s brother.
  2. What was the usual punishment for betraying a vow?  Death was the usual punishment.
  3. Why didn’t the servant throw the babies in the river?  He thought about his own children and felt guilty.
  4. Who rescued the babies from the river?  A she-wolf rescued the babies.
  5. What do you think the servant told Amulius when he returned from the river? Why do you think this?
  6. What does the word ‘conflict’ mean?  ‘Conflict’ means fighting or arguing.
  7. Why do you think Amulius only killed Numitor’s male heirs and not Rhea Silvia?  He killed the male heirs as only men could rule. 
  8. Why do you think Amulius was worried about conflict with Mars?  Mars was the God of War so would be good at fighting. 


Read to the end of the story.

Romulus and Remus eBook

We are going to look at the characters. You can draw the table below in your home learning book, then complete the sections.



Write a description of the palace, using expanded noun phrases.




Today, you will be handling data.

Orange group


Green, Blue and Purple groups



We are going to find out about volcanoes.


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