Good morning everybody – Can you believe we’re halfway through the week already!

We wish the sun would come back as we don’t like the cold weather and mist whilst out on our daily walks. We much preferred last week being out in the sunshine! Be sure to wrap up warm when you go out for your daily exercise today. 🙂


Yesterday we asked you to make fruit kebabs and have a try of them to see whether you liked all the different fruits you used. We hope you discovered a new fruit you like and that you’ll continue to eat it and try new foods. Apparently you have to try something 20 times to really know whether you like something or not!

Today we would like you do fruit patterns. Now you will need your grown-ups to help you cut your chosen fruit in half before placing it into some paint and then pressing it onto some paper. I wonder what fruit pattern you will create?

Art activities for kids : Citrus Stamping – Fun Littles


We would like you to play a ‘fred talking’ game today with your families. can you use your ‘fred fingers’ or you can listen to your family member sound a word out or you can a word out for them to blend together and say the word.

Here is a list of words to help you;

m.a.t                              s.a.t                               a.n.t                           d.o.g              

m.a.n                             s.u.n                             a.n.i.m.a.l                 d.a.d                        t.i.ll

m.oo.n                          s.oo.n                            a.t                               d.u.g                        t.e.n                        s.p.oo.n                                                              d.i.g                         t.o.p

m.o.p                           s.m.e.ll                                                                d.e.n                        t.oe

m.u.m                          s.i.p                                                                   d.r.i.nk         

What other words can you sound out?


If you can remember from a previous maths lesson, we asked you to make you own weighing scales using a coat hanger, string and plastic cups or other resources. Today we would like you to use those again as we like you to complete a heavier or lighter activity using various resources from around your homes.

Build a Balance Scale for Preschoolers to Explore Weights | Hands On As We Grow®  Balancing Scale and Counting Bears Printable Activities  FREE Weight Primary Maths Teaching Resources - SparkleBox

Fine Motor Skills

Can you draw either the shapes we’ve been learning; square, circle, triangle and rectangle or the fruit which Handa likes to eat in the story. Once you have drawn either of the two suggestions we would like you to follow the cuts using scissors to develop your hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.

Have a good day everyone.

See you at zoom school,

Miss Thrower & Mrs Pollard