Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning, Lions.


I hope you have been reading and practising your spellings and times tables.

Continue to read Black Beauty.



Today is Earth Day. Read the following information and answer the questions.



Use the following website to find some different books that you can read online.



Use the BBC bitesize lesson to practise your understanding of verbs and verb tenses.




Follow the bbc bitesize lesson on rounding. This is something that a lot of you needed to practise last term

Copy the web address below and paste into your browser.


After following the lesson, complete the code breaker.


Today we are going to find out about Roman roads.

Read through the powerpoint and complete the tasks.

Lesson Presentation Roman Roads


There is also  clip to watch.

How did the Romans build roads? Find out all about old roads!



Here are some ideas you could try.


I know it isn’t easy to stay in when you want to go and see your friends, but remember we all have to stay safe.

Keep going and doing your best with your work.


Miss P x