Wednesday 29th April

Good morning, Lions.

I hope you are all keeping well.


Read, Write Inc.

If you follow the Read Write Inc programme, continue the lessons on youtube.


You can read books here.

Your adult will need to register so you can log in. Scroll down to find the books.



Continue to read the book about the Romans.

Use the following information to get the book.

Read this book this week and write facts, in your own words, about the Romans.



We are going to look at the use of prepositions in writing.

Copy and paste the web address and follow the lesson and tasks.





Week 1, lesson 3

Green, blue, purple

week 1, lesson 3



We are going to find out about Hadrian’s Wall. Watch the clips and make notes.




Read through the information about Hadrian’s Wall and complete the writing task at the end.

Lesson Presentation Hadrian’s Wall



Don’t forget to follow the Joe Wicks PE sessions.

PE With Joe | 29th April


More work tomorrow.

Miss P x