Wednesday 6th May

Morning Lions,

I hope you are all staying safe at home.


Read, Write Inc

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Read chapter 3 of ‘Here Comes Trouble’ and answer the questions.

  1. Find a simile in the chapter.
  2. Why was Trudy quiet when Mrs Willow gave her the bottle?
  3. Why did Trudy jump backwards?
  4. Why was Mrs Willow sympathetic towards Trudy?
  5. How did Trudy feel at the end of the chapter? Why?

Answers from yesterday

  1. Did Trudy live near the school? How do you know? She didn’t live near the school. We know this as it says she went on the bus.
  2. Why did mum tell her to stay outside Mrs Willow’s house? Mum told Trudy to stay outside as Mrs Willow had lots of beautiful things in her house and Trudy was clumsy.
  3. What should Trudy do at the end of chapter 2? Give your own answer and explain why.
  4. Which word in the chapter means the same as ‘busy’? The word meaning the same as ‘busy’ is ‘crowded’.
  5. Find 3 adverbs in the text. You could have written quickly, eagerly, luckily, 



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Follow the lesson about adding money 5th May


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Follow the lesson – multiplying 5th May


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Read through the powerpoint about Roman Baths, then complete the written task.

Lesson Presentation Roman Baths

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The following may help with your ideas


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