Is it really Wednesday already!

We hope you’re all getting on well with creating your animals from the story and creating your story board with them.


Here is a picture of objects which start with the sound ‘d’. Can you have a go at ‘fred talking’ each word (sounding out).

  New Clues to How the Biggest Dinosaurs Got So Big - The New York Times Medical Doctor Stock Photos And Images - 123RF  

d-o-g                                  d-i-n-o-s-au-r                                         d-o-c-t-or                             d-ough-n-u-t


d-ai-s-y                                      d-r-i-ll                                 d-o-ll                                      d-u-ck

What objects can you find in your home which start with our new sound ‘d’? See if you can ‘fred talk’ those words like we have the ones above.


Using your numbers cards and pasta. We would like you to match numeral and quantity correctly. Select a number card, tell your grown-ups what number you have and then count the correct amount of pasta to match the number.

Messy Play

Use paint to create a finger paint picture of Handa to help develop muscle tone within your fingers. Also explore how the paint feels on your fingers and what happens when you mix paints together.


Here’s a Safari yoga video for you to complete today as we saw on the forecast that it is supposed to rain today.

Have a great day everyone!

See you soon,

Miss Thrower & Mrs Pollard