Welcome back Nursery!

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and enjoyed the sunshine 🙂

Today is Monday, the first day of the week. Can you see if you can work out what day it is tomorrow and what day it was yesterday! Try singing our days of the week song to help you remember. Start the morning by jumping, clapping, and doing star jumps to 10 and then again to 20. This should wake you up and get you ready for today’s activities!


  1. Today’s first activity is a pairs activity. This activity helps children observe similarities between objects and group them appropriately. It also explores the notion of matching equal pairs in a physical way that children of this age can access. Find a selection of socks that all have a pair. Muddle up all of the socks and then encourage your child to find the matching pair of socks. Show your child how to form the pairs and then organise them into their correct matching pair!




2. This activity is a phonics activity that explores the initial phase 1 sounds that we have looked at previously. Write each sound – ‘a, m, s, d, c, t’ onto separate pieces of paper or card. Read the sounds with your child – Remembering to use the lower case phonetic sounds! Then spread out the sounds onto the floor and ask your child to jump to the varying different sounds that you call. See if they can link hearing the sound with the correct card. If not read it with them and encourage them to try again 🙂 If your child is confident with this try writing the sounds on paper with your child using the correct formation for each lower case sound. 




3. Here is another Joe wicks PE session for you to all try! Don’t worry if your child doesn’t finish the video, as long as they have a go 🙂



4. Here is another story that I recommend – Here is the animated version of the story 🙂



Speak tomorrow. Enjoy today’s activities 🙂