September has finally arrived and we are all super excited about getting everyone back to school. Next week will be different for everyone as we have children coming & going at different times and being in school for different amounts of time. Parents please be patient with the arrangements next week as although they will be inconvenient for your day, they are really important to slowly ease children back into school life having been away for so long. Going forward into the following week it will be easier as we will do our best to enable you to pick up & drop off at the same time for your family group. In regards safety with Covid, please be assured that we have followed all of the guidance and introduced lots of new things to keep everyone as safe as we can and I am very confident in this, providing everyone follows the rules.

The first thing to remember is there is now a ONE WAY SYSTEM on the playground – everyone comes IN from ST PETERS Road and OUT from the back gate on DEVONSHIRE ROAD – please help us by complying with this system.

Next week please try NOT TO VISIT THE OFFICE unless you really have to, as queues & waiting times are likely to be very long!! INSTEAD PLEASE TELEPHONE the office if you have messages, questions or you want something such as uniform & we will get it organised for you & give things to you child to bring home. If you are sending money in for dinners then please put it in an envelope and put the amount and your child’s name on the front of the envelope & pass it to Mrs FearnsĀ  or Mrs Floate on the playground as the children arrive.

NO CHILDREN CAN WALK TO AND FROM SCHOOL ON THEIR OWN AT PRESENT – they must be supervised by an adult.

Please refer to your letters from July for the days & times your child needs to be in school next week & if you have forgotten it all then please telephone the office.

There will be no breakfast or after school clubs at the moment.

We look forward to seeing you all next week.

Mrs Fearns

Head Teacher