We’re nearly there…. It’s Thursday today!

Hello to all our super star learners!

For our topic today we would like you to create sensory bottles. I have attached a picture of the five sensory bottles to help you create your own. If you don’t have bottle you can make sensory bags inside and put the same objects inside. The children can describe how the objects feel, what they smell like, where they come from, what sounds they make during the story whilst retelling the story. If you haven’t got a copy of the book at home you can access the story via you tube.

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Creative & Fine Motor Skills

We would like you to make your own bear puzzle. Now you can print one off the internet or draw one yourself. We would like you to cut them in 4,6 or 8 jigsaw pieces, once you have cut the shapes out and muddled them up we would like you put the jigsaw together.


Can you create the sounds to go with the story?… What instruments will you use? A saucepan, a colander, spoons, tubs, bottles filled with rice or pasta, musical instruments? As you retell the story you can create sounds to the noises from the story ‘swishy swashy’, ‘splish splosh’, ‘squelch squerch’, ‘hooo wooo’, ‘stumble trip’, ‘tiptoe’. What sounds will you make with your instruments?


Do you have some string, rope or material you can use for a balancing beam in your home? If so, I would like you to lay this out on your floor and try to balance along the the length it.

Have a great day!

Team Nursery