Wonky Wednesday.

Good morning Bear Class,

We are looking forward to seeing all for ‘zoom school’ today. 🙂

For our topic today we are learning about Panda’s below is a story for you to watch and listen to.

What did you learn from the story? I can see there are lots of different coloured doughnuts on the front page, did the Panda share them out?

Challenge – Can you find out what Pandas like to spend most of their day doing? Once you’ve found out can you email me your answers. Parents when you email work over if your child is in the picture can you please state whether you mind them being posted onto our Nursery web page please. We have received  some lovely work from some our our class this week but I haven’t been able to upload due to not knowing whether you’re happy for your child to be on our website or not.


Pandas like to eat Bamboo so Mrs Pollard thought we could create a Bamboo Number Stork. You can draw the leaves and write the numbers in each leaf and have a long stem running through the middle of the leaves. Please keep these somewhere safe as we will refer to these another day for another maths activity.

Here is a picture for you to refer to as to how I’d like you to create your Bamboo Number Stork.

feed the panda counting game.pdf | Panda, Counting, Feeding


Yesterday I asked you to ‘Fred Talk’ and blending to the words h-a-t, c-a-t, m-a-t and f-a-t. Today I would like you to use your red text books which I sent in your ‘Learning Packs’ and have a go at forming the letters which make a sounds for each of these words. Parents, you may want to use a yellow felt tip to write the words so your child can trace around each letter and then have a go at forming them independently, or your child may want to try forming the letters independently from the start. Children, see if you can ‘Fred Talk’ the words as you are writing them or once you have written them. Again, we would love to see your writing so please email these through to the office and please remember to keep these books somewhere safe.

Physical challenge 

Pandas love to climb tress, I wondered whilst out on your daily exercise if you were to walk past a park and there were a slide. Could you climb the ladders? If so, how many ladders did you climb? If you don’t have time to go for your daily exercise not to worry, if you have stairs you can climb those. Again, how many stairs did you climb? If you don’t have stairs in your home can you think of what else you could climb like a Panda. 🙂

Have a good day everybody.

Team Nursery