World War 1 poems Y2 2017

We are very proud to publish these fantastic World War 1 poems to our school page for all to admire!


Well done children, these are wonderful to read and we hope you are as proud as we are of your poetry writing!


A loud tank shooting

Dangerous barbed wire cutting people

A dangerous shot gun shooting

A dangerous machine gun shooting

A metal rifle shooting at people

A Germany colossal Zeppelin airship is flying over Great Yarmouth

By Alfie



A gun shooting

A soldier fighting

The bombs falling

A soldier riding

A bomb coming

The soldier surrenders

The tank is shooting very fast

The scared soldier hiding in the muddy trenches

The memorial is covered in poppies

By Dylan



The poppies are blowing

The bombs are falling

The muddy soldiers are fighting

The bombs are exploding

The poppies are growing

By Emilija



The soldiers and enemy were marching against each other

A black gun banging

A colossal tank driving

A friendly soldier fighting

The allies won

Fields of hairy poppies blowing in the wind

By Gabriel



The big blue tanks were driving around in circles blowing people up

Big tanks driving

Red poppies flying

Brave soldiers shooting you

A big bomb dropping on the house

By Jordan



A bad troops shooting

The brave soldier shooting the bad guys

An angry soldier fighting

A red bomb falling

A brown soldier fighting in the war

A soldier battle

By Kajus



A brave soldier won the Great War

The memorials are for remembers day

A muddy gun firing

A sweaty tank driving

A red bomb dropping

The green poppies waving

A flaming Zeppelin flying

A white airship floating

A huge battlefield in the war

By Leila



A muddy soldier surrender

A poppies big red long

Blue guns shooting

A Zeppelin with flames flying

A tank is cold moving

By Lena



The guns are dirty and killed a lot of people

The nice poppies are red and the soldiers cut it when they fight

The big navy is shooting at the enemy

The war is frightening and is electric

The hard army fight in the trenches

The dangerous tank is battling the enemy

The noisy riffles are shooting the enemy

The treaty trenches

The troops attack the spikey barbed wire

By Lilea-Mai



A brave soldier fighting

Brave Major Cadbury flying airplane

A tank is metal and it is shooting you

A bomb is blue and it can kill you

A red poppy is waving

By Taio



Boats sailing fast

Soldiers fighting in the war

Tanks smashing through walls

Poppies waving in the summer

Explosions happening in the war

By Tyler



The people shooting you

The tank is shooting

The enemies shooting with a gun

The poppies are growing

By Vilte