w,w,w – Wednesday!

Hello and welcome to the middle of the week!

You are all doing such a fantastic job with your home learning and joining zoom school, we are all very proud off you here at St George’s Primary School & Nursery!


Today we would like you to create a name tag for your favourite bear. You can use a piece of paper from your learning pack and some string which  you can ask your grown-up to help tie around your bear. We look forward to seeing and hearing some of your bears names. Remember, you can practise forming the initial letter of the bears name or all the letters.


Yesterday you learnt that bears like to eat honey. Did you all get to try some honey?

Today, we thought it would be nice it you could get creative in your kitchen with your families and make some ‘Honey Flapjacks’ – yummy! I have attached a link for you to follow below. Happy baking everyone! When using the scales to weigh out the ingredients see which ingredients weighs ‘more’, which weighs ‘less’ and if any weigh the ‘same’. Remember to use those describing words when you’re mixing the ingredients together and when you are trying the flapjacks too.


Easy honey flapjacks on baking parchment


We would like you to go for a walk with your family and have a nice family chat about something you have seen whilst out on your walk. This will link in with our story today; ‘Winnie-the-Pooh, The Friendly Walk’.

We look forward to seeing you all at zoom school today.

Take care,

Miss Thrower & Mrs Pollard