Zoom School update

Good afternoon everyone!

Zoom School.

Please find the timings of each group below for our ‘zoom school’ which is starting tomorrow morning at 9:00am. What will happen is, you will join zoom at the times you will have received via a text from the school office. Once you have entered your ID and passcode it will take you to a waiting room where Miss Thrower or Mrs Pollard will then allow you into the classroom. Please remember that the class will not begin at 9:00am, these times have been set to allow yourselves and us time to get logged on to zoom and all be ready to begin our learning a few minutes later. I have planned for our lessons to last between 10-15 minutes depending on each subject. Please remind your children that our ‘zoom school’ is the same as School/Nursery so our Nursery rules apply.

Group Timings;

  1. Small Maths group – 9:00-9:25am
  2. Small Maths group – 9:30-9:55am
  3. Small English group – 10:05-10:30am
  4. Small English group – 10:35-10:55am
  5. Whole Class, Story & Singing – 11:00-11:20am
  6. Small Maths group – 12:30-12:50pm
  7. Small Maths group – 13:00-13:20pm
  8. Small English group – 13:30-13:50pm
  9. Small English group – 13:55-14:15pm

Instructions for logging into Zoom.

  1. Open your Internet Browser
  2. Go to join zoom.us
  3. Click on join meeting
  4. Enter meeting ID (you will be asked to launch meeting)
  5. Enter passcode
  6. Select connect audio
  7. Click on camera icon to activate the camera

If you are using a tablet or phone you can download the zoom app from the app store.

You can also use an X box or play station to access Zoom if no other devices are available.